Noguchi Coffee Table

If you want a very modern look in your living room try using a Noguchi coffee table. This kind of coffee table is perfectly crafted furniture. That is the reason why it is a little bit expensive. The materials used in this type of coffee table are genuine wood of cherry or walnut and the crystal glass. The woods are of good quality with a very deep tinge and lavish colors. They are generally very durable which make tables sturdy. You can use any noguchitable for a long period of time. These vintage materials are the factors in making tables of Noguchi as brilliant pieces of contemporary furniture. Getting a table from the Noguchi’s style is a trendy way to modernize your room.

When you look for this kind of coffee-table you must look for the Noguchi’s signature on the two spots located on the table. It must be on top of the glass and the other at the bottom of the table. Coffee tables like this Noguchi were created by Isamu Noguchi whose signatures are imprinted using black permanent marker. Tables made by Noguchi are very popular even though the cost is highly expensive. The important point here is that they are very durable and convenient to use. Using this kind of modern table is worth the price due to its sturdiness.

This Noguchi coffee table has exact dimensions of 15.75 inches in height, 50 inches in length and 36 inches in width. Its exact dimension confirms its Noguchi’s authenticity. So be careful in getting the fakes ones. Looking for original Noguchi coffee table at a discount price is quite difficult for some people. However, you are fortunate to read this article. Nonetheless, choosing the original Noguchi coffee-table is essential.

Including Noguchi coffee table on your wish list is a must. This kind of coffee table possesses a perfect balance. Its thick wooden legs are placed at the right angles and are interlocked together. There is no wonder why this table can stand on its own because of its great balance. As this coffee table is designed to be classy in style, it does not need any enhancement or adornment to add. This table alone can beautify your room. That is why the Noguchi coffee table is rated as the top vintage coffee table in the industry of furniture. Using a vintage table like this is something you can feel proud of.

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